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Character Diaries



STACEY: (The Antelope Club’s CFO)

Spring is here in Paradise Valley, Montana, which means life at The Antelope Club will soon be coming back into full swing. It’s been peaceful over the winter as a few of the vicious Dolls, those who don’t ski, weren’t in town.  They may be pleased with the new decorations in the clubhouse. I also have a few other surprises for them, which I know they won’t like, but they are going to have to deal.



MICHAEL: (High Frequency Trader/ Katherine’s husband)

CBS questions, “Are there rules for rich people? Rules that can’t be gamed?” I want to laugh! My company trades on more than 200 exchanges in more than 30 countries.  I didn’t have one single day in the negative last year.  I’ve thought about taking the company public but Michael Lewis’s highly read book, "Flash Boys,” which just came out in paperback, makes high frequency traders look like we are somehow cheating the systems. My IPO will wait. Market fixing? Wrong. We are just smarter and faster. 



LYN:  (Doll from San Francisco married to Eric)

I feel like I can’t go another day here without something exciting happening.  Everything is beginning to bore me and it starts with the sheriff not answering my calls. I’m addicted to his thrill but he runs hot and cold which makes me crazy. I understand that feeling of wanting to kick that man out of my bed just so I can fuck him on the floor.



ALEXA: (Doll married to former SEC attorney Brad)

I know I’ll never find anyone like him ever again.  He wasn’t that old and I had no idea.  He never mentioned it.  I hate having to act normal in front of everyone when all I want to do is cry.



KATHERINE:  (Married to Billionaire High Frequency Trader Michael.  Doll and former Wall Street powerhouse)

Alexa is acting like she doesn’t want to see me.  It makes me wonder if she, even in her constant state of alcohol-fueled stupor, is figuring out what is going on with her husband.  Alexa always is calling me. This isn’t like her.


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