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Montana Lake

The super-rich weren't always a part of Paradise Valley, Montana.  

Like the native Indians who had never encountered the white man before, Montanans had never seen such mansions and ostentatious people move into their state.

The community was the neighbor to protected Yellowstone National Park, with its incredible beauty. Here, home was truly on the range. The deer, antelope, bears and buffalo knew no boundaries, roaming freely through the valley as well as the park.


The characters in Buried Silence are a mixture of native Montanans and the flashy newcomers. This had been the land where proud, weather-beaten people stood by their word. Now came residents who stood, not by their word, but indiscreetly on top of their money.

Stacey - Stacey is the Chief Financial Officer of the Antelope Club. She is a native Montanan who worked briefly on the East Coast.

Katherine - Katherine is a former Wall Street broker who moved to the Antelope Club with her husband, Michael.

Michael - Michael is a high frequency trader. His company, Botdom, makes trades on slivers of  pennies in fractions of time, amassing billions.

Scott - Scott is the Chief Executive Officer of the Antelope Club. He is married to Marie.

Marie - Marie is Scott’s, wife, spends her time training horses and traveling to France to acquire furnishings for the Antelope Club house. 

Dan - Dan is the sheriff of Park County, where the Antelope Club is located.  He is a native Montanan.

Duane - Duane is Dan’s deputy sheriff.

Mark - Mark is the Park County fire chief.

Sophia - Sophia is married to John.  Katherine is her closest friend.

John - John is Sophia’s husband is semi-retired but still is active running his Flying J’s and spends time working with Veterans.

Alissa - Alissa is married to Brad.  She was Miss Teen San Diego. She is the youngest of the Dolls. Her son, Tyler, is a toddler.


Brad - Brad is a former SEC regulator.  He is much older than Alissa.

Lyn - Lyn is married to Eric.  Before moving to Montana they used to be the It Couple from Pacific Heights, San Francisco.


Eric - Eric and his family own one of the world’s largest international engineering and construction companies.

Nick - Nick Is a PI from New York. He was hired by the Antelope Club to find out what happened to Stacey.

Clint - Clint is a fifth generation Montanan who runs the Antelope Club’s equestrian center.

Jean - Jean is Stacey’s aunt.  Jean lives next door to Katherine in the home her family had lived in for generations.

Will - Will is Jean’s son.  He is a hunting and fishing guide, known as a legendary outdoorsman.


Jack - Jack was Katherine’s former colleague in New York. He is an ace with anything technical.

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