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Buried Silence proves money can buy a dream life, but it can’t buy the truth.

I began writing Buried Silence after my best friend’s friend was killed in an explosion inside her home.  She was the Chief Financial Officer of a residential club for the very wealthy who lived behind the private gates of privilege, opulence and excess.

The story takes place in 2012, before television shows brought the attention of the masses to life in Montana.  The members of the residential club had moved there for all the things their money could buy, a protected life below the majestic mountains on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Although the characters are fictitious, the lifestyle was not. They lived in an endless swirl of parties and rendezvous, much like the Great Gatsby era. No one thought of it as an unprecedented time, they believed the champagne would flow as freely as the river and their innocence was a God-given gift, as abundant as the surrounding wildlife. I invite you to join me in those days, where Buried Silence twists inside the façade of stillness.


Susan Hemphill

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